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In Celebration of You. That’s right – YOU.

This one is for you.

This one is for you.

Sometime last week, BoB hit 10,000 in the total number of site views.

While BoB still has a long way to go to hit the big leagues, I am humbled to have reached this point. Humbled because of you, because you take the time to read this blog. Time is a gift and you, my dear reader, have been very generous. I thank you.

For some reason, hitting the 10,000 mark made me pause to think about what this blog is really about. Under the title, it says “International relocation and other leaps of faith.” It’s the leaps of faith part that should be the focus. Continue reading


One Way, One Year – Looking Back on Our Leap


One year ago today, my husband Gio, son Marcello, and I took a one-way trip on Spirit Airlines (ugh) to Cartagena, Colombia. We were in route to our new city of Barranquilla – a city in which I had never before set even my big toe. The weeks leading up to the move were intense.
We sorted all our worldly belongings into three piles: 1) ship to Colombia (a small pile), 2) store in Atlanta (a bigger pile), and 3) get rid of in some way, shape, or form (the biggest pile).

Getting rid of stuff can be really hard, and I don’t mean just making the decision to do it. I mean actually getting rid of it. Continue reading