Resource Links

Get to know Barranquilla!

Check out the sites below to get acquainted with the latest activities and happenings in your new or soon-to-be hometown.

ADN (Spanish)
Official website of one of Barranquilla’s free daily newspapers. ADN provides thorough listings of upcoming events and activities.

Alcaldía de Barranquilla (Spanish)
Official website of Barranquilla’s municipal government.

Barranquilla Capital Cultural (Spanish)
Website of Barranquilla’s Secretary of Culture. Barranquilla was designated the Cultural Capital of the Americas for 2013, the City’s 200th Anniversary. Many wonderful events, lots of them free, are associated with this designation. The site also lists seven “cultural treasures” of Barranquilla, and thus provides a good guide for important sights around town.

Barranquilla Living (English)
This new English-language city guide provides a full range of news and information, along with restaurant and entertainment listings. Expats-in-the-making will also find helpful info for relocating to Barranquilla. New information is uploaded regularly, so be sure to check back frequently.

BarranquiYA (Spanish)
In-depth info on a wide variety of subjects, from community development and transportation to interruptions in utilities such as water and electricity.

Cámara de Comercio de Barranquilla (Spanish)
Analogous to the Chamber of Commerce in the US. If you’re thinking of starting a business here, you need to get familiar with the Cámara de Comercio.

Carnaval de Barranquilla (Spanish)
Official Carnaval site with everything you need to know to partake in all the Carnaval activities. It’s more than a few days — it’s a season!

Cinemateca del Caribe (Spanish)
Who doesn’t love free movies? Find out when and where you can see ’em!

El Heraldo (Spanish)
Barranquilla’s largest newspaper, with all types of news and events.

Gobernación del Atlántico (Spanish)
Official site of Atlántico Department (the state in which Barranquilla is located).

La Checa (Spanish)
Listings of fun stuff happening around town.

ProBarranquilla (Spanish/English)
Promotes economic investment in Barranquilla and the surrounding region.

TuBoleta (Spanish)
Analogous to Ticket Master in the US. Buy tickets for major concerts and for palcos (bleachers) for Carnaval.

Zona Cero (Spanish)
Chock full of local news on everything from politics to the arts.

Pro Tip:
Many activities in Barranquilla are still promoted primarily on paper. For example, newspapers are one of the best sources for weekend activity listings. Also worth checking out are the monthly or seasonal newsletters of entities like ComBarranquilla. Increasingly, Twitter is a good source too. Be sure to follow the people/organizations above on Twitter. However, if you wait for the tweet, you may find out about activities with too little notice to attend.

Happy exploring!


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