In Celebration of You. That’s right – YOU.

This one is for you.

This one is for you.

Sometime last week, BoB hit 10,000 in the total number of site views.

While BoB still has a long way to go to hit the big leagues, I am humbled to have reached this point. Humbled because of you, because you take the time to read this blog. Time is a gift and you, my dear reader, have been very generous. I thank you.

For some reason, hitting the 10,000 mark made me pause to think about what this blog is really about. Under the title, it says “International relocation and other leaps of faith.” It’s the leaps of faith part that should be the focus.

Life is full of leaps of faith. I know you know that from your own personal experience. Sometimes we make the leap by choice. Sometimes circumstances require leaps that anyone in their right mind would rather avoid. Whether your leap is the former or the latter, whether you are feeling exhilarated or terrified, whether you are wishing the moment of the leap would arrive already or whether the most demanding leap you could have imagined has suddenly landed upon you, whether you are just thinking about jumping or are recovering from a crash landing, what I wish for you is this: strength to clear the obstacle or bridge the chasm, confidence that you will eventually get on your feet (even if you are not sure yet which way is up), a hand to hold if you need it or want it, and in the end, the knowledge that, no matter what, the leap was worth it.

Oh, and while you’re on your way, a nice glass of red wine, a few slices of prosciutto, some quality parmesan, and a bit of dark chocolate won’t hurt either. They travel well and don’t require refrigeration. Everybody’s gotta have emergency provisions. Just sayin’.

Here’s to you, my friends. Leap on.


7 responses to “In Celebration of You. That’s right – YOU.

  1. Congratulations BoB, and here’s to more leaps of faith!


  2. I’m pretty late to the BoB party, but I’m in for the long haul. Keep it up!


  3. Hi Courtenay
    I like all of your posts; however, I keep coming back to this one. I’ve always thought you are an excellent writer, and this post further illustrates that. But pehaps I keep coming back to it because of your leaps of faith. “Leaps” have greatly defined your life, and now, via your blog, I can still connect to the extraordinary person you are. It’s a great gift to me. BTW, I like the rose.
    Aunt Nan


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