Teaching English

So you’re interested in teaching English in Barranquilla? Below is a partial list (in alphabetical order) of bilingual schools and institutes that you might want to check out. Requirements for certification and teaching experience vary, so check with each school/program directly to learn more.

Do you know of schools/programs that I’m leaving out? Please add them to the Comments Section below. Thank you, and happy job hunting!


17 responses to “Teaching English

  1. I know a pretty good company that you could work for. I work for a multinational company called Wall Street English. We have schools in Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Medellin and now Barranquilla. Please let me know if you are interested. Certification like TEFL, TESL or CELTA are a must, we can help you with the rest. If you are interested or around and want to know more, feel free to reach out to me with your C.V at yeison.ospina@wse.edu.co.


  2. i sent you an email with my CV as i am intrested Gracias


  3. jennifer lastra

    Hi my name is Jennifer Lastra,
    I graduated from the Florida international university in Miami, Florida~ USA and, I would like to get more information about teaching English and any requirements.

    Jennifer lastra


  4. Hi, I am Divya Kapoor living in Barranquilla and I am CertTEFL holder. I have sent you my CV, waiting to hear from you.

    Divya Kapoor


    • Shadrack kwakye ameyaw

      Yes i am interested. I have search the schools but don’t know how to appply them. How do i go about these


  5. Timothy Anderson

    Buenos dias,
    Hello, my name is Timothy Anderson and I am currently an elementary school teacher in Laurel, Maryland, USA. I am TEFL certified in addition to being a graduate of Salisbury University. I have also been teaching private english lessons for the last year. I would like to get information about how to apply for a job or get in contact with somebody who can help me to obtain a job.
    Thank you so much,
    Tim Anderson


  6. Julio Argueta

    I am a Canadian citizen interested in finding a job teaching in Barranquilla. I am not a Colombian born individual. I do speak, write and read Spanish and English, and looking to find a rewarding career as teaching English or translating.

    Thank You


    • Hello Julio,
      Are you still looking for a position in Barranquilla?
      We offer a paid volunteering position to teach adults with SENA.
      Looking for a volunteer (foreigner from a non Spanish speaking country) to teach English in Cali or Barranquilla.
      Paid opportunity:1.5 million pesos
      4 months contract
      EPS (local health service)
      Completion bonus
      To start this 9th of 10th of August.
      Let me know if you would be interested.



      • Julio Argueta

        Gina, first of all I was born in a Latinamerican country but have lived in Canads for the last 35 years. Also, when you say a volunteer job with 1.5 million pesos, this is monthly or are tou referring to the full term of the contract? What about accomodation, etc?
        I wouldn’t be able that soon, I have some obligations to attend until Sept. 06

        Have a wonderful day. I’ll be waiting for your reply.


      • Shadrack kwakye ameyaw

        I am interested how do i contact you?


      • Julio Argueta

        Gina, but I am honestly interested. Please get back to me.


      • Dear Ginna,

        Please get back to me, if you still have that position or something similar open.

        Appreciate it!


  7. hello Ginnna Lozano i sent you an email.


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