So… why did you move to Colombia?

When preparing to move to another country, no amount of info is too much! In the months before relocating to Colombia, I turned to websites, online forums, and blogs for an idea of what to expect. So when contacted me for an interview, I said yes. The interview – read it here – gave me an opportunity to pay it forward to those whose shared experiences helped me. also offers a lot of other destination-specific info – this Colombia landing page is an example. Thanks, ExpatFocus!IMG_1601


One response to “So… why did you move to Colombia?

  1. As another expat in Colombia, I can relate to this A LOT. And you’re right – often people mean well or I’m in the mood to have the conversation about what a gringa is doing in a really non-gringa place, but it gets exhausting as well.

    Just wondering…I spend a lot of time in Barranquilla and love yoga. Would you mind telling me what studio you go to? I’ve found a great one in Santa Marta (Yogaland) but haven’t found any in baq. Thanks!


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