(Friday Fotos) Los Glaciares National Park – El Calafate, Argentina


A leading edge of the Perito Moreno Glacier.

One of the advantages of expat life is being able to travel to destinations that might otherwise be out of reach. When my husband and I moved to Colombia, we made it a goal to use our years here as an opportunity to see other parts of South America. So when we finally planned a long-awaited vacation, we decided to head to Argentina – first to Buenos Aires, and then down to the Patagonia region, to Los Glaciares (The Glaciers) National Park.

So that you can judge for yourself my reaction to this park, let me provide a quick history. I have visited probably 90% of the national parks in the US. My favorite is Glacier National Park in Montana. Just to the north, in Canada’s also spectacular Jasper National Park, I saw my first glacier, the Athabasca. I have been a huge fan of national parks, especially ones with snow-covered mountains, ever since my parents gave me the amazing gift of carting me around to them. (Thank you, Mom and Dad.) So I expected to love this part of our Argentina trip. I did not, however, expect to be BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER.

I was so taken with this place that objectivity on it now eludes me. From the time we landed at the new airport in El Calafate, the outpost-turned-resort town that has grown up to support the region’s tourism, to the time we left, I kept thinking, “Wow, look at that. This is it. This is what we came to see.” And then there was more. They say that if you eat the wild blueberry-esque fruit of the calafate, the bush for which the town is named, you’ll be back. You better know that my husband and I downed some before we left. This is the stuff from which traveling dreams are made. Enjoy.

Tip: The photo captions provide more info on the park and the Perito Moreno Glacier. If you’d like to learn more, click on a photo to open the slideshow.

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6 responses to “(Friday Fotos) Los Glaciares National Park – El Calafate, Argentina

  1. Why I love my new expat blogging “family’…a little vacation in my laptop with a side of learning. Los Glaciares and El Calafate, never heard of them, cookie crumbs will be scattered in my laptop as I search to learn more.


    • Hi Constance! Before we started researching our trip to Buenos Aires, I had never heard of these places either! Now I feel like there is a whole new world to explore down there. An amazing trip to do sometime would be to fly into Buenos Aires, spend a bit there, then fly to Calafate, then take a bus across the border to Torres del Paine in Chile, and then spend some time in Chile before leaving out of Santiago. I am dreaming dreams too of visiting the wine country in Chile and Argentina. I girl can hope! :)))


  2. Gorgeous!


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