Divinely Human: Barranquilla’s 200th Carnaval (A Photographic Retrospective)

DSC00172In some ways, Carnaval is all about dressing up in outlandish ways — either to hide our true selves in order to temporarily be someone we’re not (and perhaps give ourselves permission to indulge in ways that we normally wouldn’t), to allow a usually buried part of our personality to take the stage, or to simply revel in the joie de vivre of life’s excesses, good and bad. And yet, even with all the feathers, the makeup, the glitter, what shines through most is our humanness, our oneness, our inherent beauty. So without further ado (at this point, I recommend cueing up “Human” by the Killers as your viewing soundtrack), I present you with a few of the faces, a few of the people — a few of all of us — who made Barranquilla’s 200th Carnaval an experience to remember.

Click on a thumbnail photo to enter a slideshow of larger images.


7 responses to “Divinely Human: Barranquilla’s 200th Carnaval (A Photographic Retrospective)

  1. Nice post. You look great on your “negrita puloy” dress. Glad you guys enjoyed the carnival atmosphere this year.


  2. Beautiful shots! I wish I had more nice pictures but I was too afraid to bring my nice camera out after I saw how rowdy things get 🙂 I miss all the colors already!


    • Thank you, Brighid! I read your post, and you made me laugh regarding the camera and the espuma, etc. 🙂 Believe me, you probably were “in the moment” more than me, what with me being on guard all the time!


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