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A Time for Serious Conversations

I’ve been in a bit of a serious mood in recent days, and it seems I’m not alone. It’s hard not to feel that this season in our world’s history is particularly pivotal. In the U.S. and globally, we are in the midst of important conversations. Whether it’s the Zimmerman case and racism in the United States, economic inequality in Brazil, democracy in Egypt, workers’ safety in Bangladesh, lack of police in Detroit, or rising sea levels globally, the issues before us are heavy and important. They not only shape and are determined by our social and political structures (talk about a chicken-and-egg scenario), but they also intimately affect our everyday lives. The “big issues” like freedom, equality, and basic personal safety are demanding solutions by hitting us where it hurts – right at home.

I thought about ignoring this trend of heaviness, but have since decided that to do so would be to shirk a fundamental responsibility that I – and I would argue, all of us – have to be part of the conversations that will determine where we go from here and where we end up after this transition. In this vein, I’m sharing with you this piece that I wrote for my new Huffington Post blog. Continue reading