A Time for Serious Conversations

I’ve been in a bit of a serious mood in recent days, and it seems I’m not alone. It’s hard not to feel that this season in our world’s history is particularly pivotal. In the U.S. and globally, we are in the midst of important conversations. Whether it’s the Zimmerman case and racism in the United States, economic inequality in Brazil, democracy in Egypt, workers’ safety in Bangladesh, lack of police in Detroit, or rising sea levels globally, the issues before us are heavy and important. They not only shape and are determined by our social and political structures (talk about a chicken-and-egg scenario), but they also intimately affect our everyday lives. The “big issues” like freedom, equality, and basic personal safety are demanding solutions by hitting us where it hurts – right at home.

I thought about ignoring this trend of heaviness, but have since decided that to do so would be to shirk a fundamental responsibility that I – and I would argue, all of us – have to be part of the conversations that will determine where we go from here and where we end up after this transition. In this vein, I’m sharing with you this piece that I wrote for my new Huffington Post blog. The piece is on abortion.  I know, I know… you’ve heard it all before. Pro-choice, pro-life… what new is there to say? But that is exactly the point. Despite my years of working to protect individual freedoms, including reproductive freedom, in the Florida Legislature, moving to Colombia – a country that, from a practical standpoint offers women almost no access to safe, legal abortion – made me see the issue anew.

I hope you’ll take a moment to read my perspective on this important topic and comment on the Huffington Post site. And if controversial issues like this aren’t to your taste, stick with me! I promise to lighten the load regularly with some fun, adventure-loving humor. After all, my family and I came to Barranquilla not just to learn and connect, but also to have fun. It all has its time and place. As always, thank you for reading.


3 responses to “A Time for Serious Conversations

  1. An activist, now an American expat in Portugal, I frequently feel guilty when I pull up the CNN newsfeed. After more than 30 years of picketing, writing letters, going to legislators’ offices, buying expensive seats at fundraiser to get face time with policy makers, I just gave up and went to a country where what I want for my country is actually happening. Your Huff article resonated in a very special way.


  2. My main reason for moving to Killa is to escape the madness of North America for the madness of South America. I am a former CFO of a Public Mining company. Youngish, only 48, no gray hairs but I want to re-locate and continue my consulting business in Killa.

    When I am in Colombia I feel better physically and mentally. I feel far from the mind numbing CNNMSNBCFOXABCCBCNBCBBC and Quebecois nombrilism.

    I have no intentions of making a lot of friends in Killa nor ever imposing my values. I just want guanabana juice and perros.

    I wish to leave this high tax socialist nightmare before it falls on me. There is no way that our pensions will be respected and our hospitals are great as long as you do not get sick. We cannot spend our way to wealth.

    re: racism

    Roger Waters, ex-Pink Floyd guitarist, loves hating Jews and Israel. Loves sporting a huge pig with the star of david at his concerts. Imagine if that was the effigy of a black person. He has been doing this for years with never a mention in the MSM.

    Not my place to speculate why Trayvon was outside late at night in a city he does not live.

    These stories are a distraction to the real problems that HuffPost will never discuss.

    :One day, the US Peso, the Canadian Peso, the Colombian Peso, the Euro Peso, etc….are going to die. Algebra does not lie. And a lot of people will suffer if they have no silver, nor gold. With only paper notes, they, their children or their children’s children will die. Time to buy is now. Our govts with career politicians are the enemy.

    I know that gold is sold in Killa, Calle 72 or downtown. Silver coins? I have no idea and it is expensive to import.

    I was married in Killa. In 2003. I remember purchasing 2 gold rings with diamonds, for $600 total!!!!

    A friend lives in Miami and says that there are many signs with ” COMPAMOS ORO y COMPRAMOS PLATA “.


    re: abortion

    I will not impose my beliefs but I can point to abortion as to the reason why the West has had to resort to open its doors to importing Islam. No abortion in muslim countries. When Hillary comes to Canada she speaks of abortion being part of govt health services. She will NEVER say this in Pakistan nor Saudi Arabia ( the one with the green flag with the sword ).



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