Café en la Calle

Café en la Calle

Just about anywhere in B’quilla, you can get a cup of coffee right on the street. Vendors wheel carts with several thermoses. Using a wooden paddle like the one you see here, vendors can prepare several cups, large and small, at once. There’s milk and sugar to add in and you can get a pancito (small piece of bread) too. Who needs Starbucks anyway!


2 responses to “Café en la Calle

  1. Buenos Dias Courtenay,
    Ah, you discovered one of the best things in Colombia!! fresh coffee practically everywhere you go…especially, on a nice afternoon while strolling down the park, some vendors make it with “Aguapanela” (brown sugar with water) and taste delicious. Have you tried “Hot chocolate with white cheese” now, that is a treat!!! Abrazos,


  2. “Juan de la calle”


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