We Won the Shipping Lottery, or How I Lessened My Attachment to Material Things

The process of establishing our new home continues. Our shipment from Miami arrived, but the entire crate (they build a crate for your boxes when shipping internationally) was accidentally left outside at the Port for two weeks. It rained heavily on Wednesday. Our customs agent (you have to hire this person to get your stuff out out of the Port since you are not allowed in) called with the bad news that everything is soaked.


Most likely the bulk of it is ruined.  The rest, we have been told, is already growing mold. I cringe when I think of my baby’s toys and books, a beloved painting, a cherished quilt, and the electronics we brought for our home office.


Our customs agent says she has never seen this happen in her entire career.


We are dispirited, but not beaten. We are going through the process of filing complaints, while our shipment remains at the Port. Soon, we will have a place to call our own and that will be a wonderful thing. In the meantime, I’ll take this as a sign that I need to lessen my attachment to material things. It is a privilege that these are the worries of the day.


3 responses to “We Won the Shipping Lottery, or How I Lessened My Attachment to Material Things

  1. Hi Courtenay,
    Oh noooo, so sorry about your precious things…I am so guilty about attachments 😦 In Colombia (as all latin countries), you have to be on top (and I mean constant calling or in person) of people, they won’t follow up or make your case a priority(unless there a financial gain)..yeap, that is 3 world life. I can’t wait to see your new place..it will be wonderful, I am sure… abrazos 🙂


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