About Courtenay Strickland

_MG_5191-Edit-EditI’m a writer, salsa dancer, policy wonk, marathon runner, traveler, preacher’s daughter, and mom of a head-strong five-year-old.

I moved to Barranquilla from Miami in July 2012, and then to Medellín in July 2014. I’ve lived in lots of places, but I’m still a small town girl from Georgia.

Professionally, I fight for good, helping nonprofits achieve their missions through effective communications, policy analysis and advocacy, and grant writing. You can learn more about my consulting services here: www.cstricklandconsulting.com. Previously, I worked as chief lobbyist and Director of Public Policy for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida. I hold a B.A. in Latin American Studies from Yale University.

My goal is to provide you with content that is entertaining, insightful, and relevant to the human experience – that is, to your life experience – whether you have lived abroad or not. Your comments and feedback are more than welcome.

I really, sincerely thank you for visiting. For more info, contact me at courtenay@courtenaystrickland.com. Thank you again.

Kind regards,
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15 responses to “About Courtenay Strickland

  1. inenglishinstitute.com

    i hope you can visit me in mariquita tolima la chiripa


  2. Thank you for following my blog Courtenay.


  3. Love this blog. I’ve never read much about this part of the world. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hannah, thank you so much for reading! I’m glad you like it. I am enjoying checking out your blog now. I have spent only 5 days in Iceland, but wow, what great memories! Hope you are enjoying it… I will check your blog to see if you tell us how it is in winter! 🙂


      • It’s a little dark and cold, but other than that the city is still gorgeous and when there is snow, it is gorgeous. Same with the landscape, since part of its appeal is the severity and isolation.


  4. Love your blog! I’m a Barranquillera living in the states and was so surprised to find a carnaval picture on the Freshly Pressed page! Made my day 🙂


  5. Some great info! I went to Barranquilla in 2011 and had a hard time finding any info on what to do & see. This would have been so useful.


  6. Gary. Turnbull

    Moving there shortly, do you know of a real estate agent that speaks English. Also what are the streets where I can have furniture made and purchase mattress .love your blog


    • Hi Gary! Thanks so much for reading the blog. To get furniture made at really economical prices, you’ll want to go toward El Centro, CR 38 con CL 30. Take common sense safety precautions in that area. We had several pieces of furniture made at a store right around there, and bought one mattress there, which has held up quite well. We bought another mattress, somewhat better but at a much higher price in the CL 77 con CR 68 area. Comodisimos also has really nice mattresses and not outrageous prices. But nothing is going to come close, price-wise, to what you find around CR 38 and CL 30. I know one English-speaking real estate agent but do not know if she is still doing that in BAQ. Will check.


    • Dear Gary,
      In case you still need a relocation expert please contact equisoboni@dietrich-logistics.com.co (Cel +57-3176460694)


  7. Hola, te descubrí leyendo: Was Gabo an Irishman?
    Me gustó lo que escribiste y me dio mucha curiosidad saber de ti. No tiene fecha este blog( o yo no encontré), pero quería que supieras que, por fortuna, yo no uso esas expresiones de God porque soy atea y colombiana ya entrada en años, pero, si…. la descripción que hiciste es interesante y yo, no lo había percibido….. 🤭 uno no ve lo que tiene en frente…..🤣. Un saludo desde Bogotá


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